Breast cancer in previous benign lumpectomy spot

Hi there

i was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as I know a couple of my friends with BC have. About 12 years ago I got dodgy mammogram and had core biopsy

which showed not quite normal cells. So had lumpectomy and it turned out to be a lump of scar tissue from a previous needle aspiration! I was obsessed in my 40’s about every lump and getting mammos as my sister had got breast cancer. I then got a misshapen boob from that surgery but nothing much but a lump. 12 years later here I am with a 2cm tumour right in the spot and on end of the scar from that op. It seems more than coincidence to me. Also had oncotype test which came back as 30 so I wasn’t doing chemo and now they want me to. Weirdly the company who do the Oncotypedx gave info out about how non tumour breast tissue near core biopsy scars gave a higher score. So the people doing the tissue sampling needed to be v careful… It makes me think that in my smallish tumour I had three or 4 big biopsy needles in and the scar tissue pushed up my score! It’s not feeling right to me! Scar tissue can turn dodgy… and I’ve read more than once that women with previous benign lumpectomies often go on to get BC later on. Any thoughts on this?! Thanks!

Hi Sissy, I have developed bc near lumpectomy scar. Two years ago I had 1 cm low grade DCIS which they took out surgically and no radio or chemotherapy. I thought it was ok then, just a scare. A year later I got discharged after clear mammogram but half a year after that I felt a lump under my scar and went to GP for referal. Turned out it was 2.3 cm, grade 3 invasive ductal cancer (on aan extensive bed of DCIS) with 2 lymph nodes involved! At the time (of DCIS) I asked if the surgery of something not yet invasive could kick off a more sinister tumor, seeing there is inflamtion and everything, but of course they said nono they didn’t think so. I wonder though. I also had many of the dreaded biopsies, worried about those too. Now I am post mastectomy halfway through chemotherapy).

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