Breast cancer in the bone


I’m new on here. I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer again. I had breast cancer 9 years ago & now they’ve found a tumor in my thigh. Having a rod inserted tomorrow & then a chat about treatment. Anyone been through this? 

Hello. I have breast cancer in the bone and am on treatment. I have Ibrance and a hormone pill and zomteta for the bones. I haven’t had a rod inserted. Hope that goes well. I have found treatment okay so far (a year and a half) and hope you do too x

Hi. I had a rod inserted in my femur 3 months ago. Lots of swelling but able to be up and moving straight away with crutches. Able to walk very long distances now with no real problem. Hope it all goes well for you. I did find a walking stick helped me after about 8 months, as you do get quite tired with the walking sometimes, but I have no need for it now.