Breast cancer in your twenties?!


I’ve been diagnosed with grade 3. I’m 25 and from what I’ve read, it seems like there are very few early-mid 20s on this. Would love to chat to anyone else going through something similar… and hopefully hear a few positive experiences!


Hi there. Haven’t posted on here before but your post resonated with me! I’m 25 and was also diagnosed two weeks ago. I have grade 2 IDC.
It is pretty rare from what I’ve heard, and we seem to miss out on a few things because 24 is the cut off to be treated by teenage cancer trust. I have a friend who was diagnosed at 24 with grade 3 and is just finishing her treatment now and doing well.
What stage are you up to? I will get my treatment plan tomorrow and then my op is a week on Tuesday.
Sending you lots of love and good vibes! Xxxx

This was my first post! I have been silently reading various threads (mainly ones about hair loss!) and realised that very few women posting seemed similar to me in age - perhaps we feel scared or nervous to take the plunge and get involved? I’m waiting to find out a few things before my treatment plan is set… I have my first MRI next week and should know more then. All I know is that I’m definitely starting with chemo as I’m grade 3, followed by surgery then possible radiation. I’ve no clue about chemo and am avoiding reading up too much about it until I know my set treatment plan and schedule! Nervy times but would def find comfort chatting to others xx hope you’re doing well

Thank you Helena - I was looking for something like that but hadn’t found it! I will take a look now xx

Sounds like we are in similar positions. I had my MRI last week and although it came back clear I am just not convinced. I have found another lump since then which didn’t show on the MRI so making my doctor check it tomorrow. I find the hardest thing is paranoia! my friend had a similar plan to you, and as I mentioned is doing really well. She did lose her hair but she looks great! Don’t worry about it too much, unfortunately there isn’t much we can do! Don’t scare yourself though. Get your doctor to explain all your treatments to you. I am the complete opposite though and have read up on every single treatment (even those I won’t be having!) different things work for different people. Let me know if you want to chat about anything xxx