Breast cancer local recurrence in skin

Hello there

i am looking to find more information on secondary breast cancer that has metastasis into my skin at the mastectomy site. I am struggling to find anyone to chat to that is experiencing the same? Seems very uncommon.  Thank you 

Hi roxy

It comes as a bit of a shock (understatement) doesn’t it? I can’t help with skin mets on that site. Oddly, that was the area I was advised to keep an eye on - no one mentioned it could crop up in my eyelid!! My skin mets are at the back of my neck, in the hairline and on that last thoracic vertebra (?) that juts out a bit, and then some on my chin. The neck ones are visible, the face ones not, but they don’t show on CT scans because they are too close to the surface. There’s no pain or soreness and they are responding slowly to capecitabine (oral chemo), shrinking a little bit and softening up. My oncologist is satisfied with what’s going on so I can only go by that, being new to all this metastasis palaver! The actual secondary breast cancer itself responded instantly and my blood markers have stayed very low and stable over the past six cycles. Unfortunately, as it’s triple negative, it’s unpredictable but, for now, all is fine. 

I hope someone with the same condition as yours will respond. It may be that, like me, you can’t find a perfect match. Being ‘unique’ has its disadvantages. Have you rung the nurses’ number above. They may know if there is someone in the Someone Like Me service.

I hope things go smoothly for you.

Jan x

Hi there! I have a local recurrence in my chest wall on top of the implant. So crazy, it was the same area as the original tumour site! I had a lumpectomy, no radiation because the surgeon felt she achieved clear margins. My medical oncologist changed my medications as she felt this was a sign they were no longer effective. 

I do have mets to my bones and 1 little lung nodule. 

She changed me to Ibrance + Faslodex. 

Best wishes to you :heart: 

(Also, mammograms of reconstructed mastectomies are really not that pleasant!!)


Hi. I ha e just learnt that I have recurrence in or just under the skin. It’s in the same place as my original tumour. I was so shocked!  Nothing on ct. nothing obvious on ultrasound. Nothing on mammogram. I thought it was nothing until told it wasn’t. The consultant says a mastectomy will resolve it. Plus some medicines as yet not fully discussed. He said it is rare to see this and I’m still processing. My surgery is next week. 


I was told today that the cancer is in my skin.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around what that means and how this affects me long term.  Does anyone know what I can expect?


in response to your question about the skin Mets I also have them. If you’re still on this site and would like to talk more let me know.