Breast cancer mets

Hi , three years ago I had one tiny cancer in left breast , and all good after rads and lumpectomy. This January after mammogram was told 2 lumps in right breast. Then it was discovered had spread to pelvic bone. Just seen oncologist today to be told I’m going onto Ibrance 3 wks on 1wk off . Im Devastated . It just sounds like a life sentence . When I asked how long for I was told until it stops working . What then ? I don’t know if I want to spend my life like this to be honest . Still shell shocked .

Hi Katie,

Sorry to hear your news, what a shock.  

Do look at the ‘living with secondary breast cancer’ on the forum home page & especially this thread:

Here where you will be able to chat & get support from the other ladies in a similar position to you. This thread is a lot quieter & is usually for technical forum things. 

Alternatively, do give the helpline here a ring, number at the top, if you need to talk things through. 

Sending hugs

ann x

I’m sorry to read this and understand. I have have been on Ibrance for a year. I have bone mets. I work full time and they are very good about the appointments. It’s hard but I do try to enjoy life. I hope you start to feel better x

Hello, it’s a shock to find yourself here but there is a lot of help and advice available. I’m on Palbociclib, been on it about 10 months. I just had a CT scan today to check for secondaries and am worried about the results. It’s a pain to have a blood test every 4 weeks and my neutrophil count is often affected and I have to delay treatment. BUT, I have settled down into this routine, it is doable, you get used to it. I have managed to accept that this is how it’s going to be, more or less, but I do have off days and feel sorry for myself. We are lucky though that there is so much treatment available and no one can be certain what life holds for them, cancer or no cancer. Maggie’s is a big help if there is one near to you. Stick with it, it does get easier believe it or not. Best wishes, Julie xxx