Breast cancer now Ovarian cancer

Hi All,

Just to say that I went for the results to my CT scan and outcome of the breast cancer treatment. The good news is the breast cancer is all contained no need for any other treatment other then the radiotherapy and tamoxifen…however all that has to wait as CT scan shows a nasty ovarian tumour.

I was told I would be having chemo to shrink the tumour before surgery, and then more chemo, however I will be admitted Monday to enable them to drain some of the fluid build up around my abdomen which has become so uncomfortable, unable to eat or breath properly when its at its worst.

All help and support, words of comfort deeply appreciated.

Hi meconopsis

Please feel free to call our helpliners for support both practical and emotional on 0808 800 6000, lines open Saturdays 10-2 and weekdays 9-5

Take care


really sorry to hear that… what a total blow especially after the good newsabout your breast cancer… good luck with your ov ca treatment.

are you gene carrier? just its unusual to get them both

best wishes x

Hi Lulu , I have no idea if I am a gene carrie, as for it being unusual its whats happened. Both my daughter will be screened now !

speechless. Just want to send you a virtual hug, xxx

Thanks Suffolklady im a Suffolk lady too

Hi, Hugs and lots of hugs for you. I have gone through breast cancer treatment and now I am going through test to see whether I have ovarian cancer or not. take care x

blueboo, Good luck, I hope your results are negative, I have been on the Macmillian site and posted about my journey under the name peanut67 if you wish to read. Anyway you take care x