Breast Cancer Now. The Last One advert.

Hope this is the correct link for this ad,
in case anyone hasn’t seen it and wishes to, scroll down towards end. There is also Alex talking about her diagnosis, secondaries.
I do welcome this ad, it’s such a refreshing change, powerful because of it’s honesty, direct and truthful. I don’t know if Alex or anyone else who took part ever visits these forums but in case I wanted to thank you for appearing, for telling your story and I wish you well with your treatment. X

Thankyou Belinda I have already seen Alex’s video it made me cry then and again now. Life seems so unfair and the biggest question is WHY !!! I often feel upset reading different posts within the forum alot of you are so young to have to go through this horrible disease. I hope one day there will be a cure for the future generations xxx

Alex Jones was diagnosed 2 years ago with breast cancer when she was 23. In March 2015 she was diagnosed with SBC.  


If you put The Diary of a Lost Boob into google it will take you to her blog. 


Belinda, I’d say that you can be certain that Alex will read your message at sometime in the not too distant future. x

Hi Belinda, I had the honour of taking part in the ad (with my kids on the bed) thank you for your kind words about the campaign. I’ll pass on your comments to Alex and some of the other ladies that took part. Take care x x

Hi lovely Ladies, it’s Alex. Dmcf (that was also in the advert) kindly sent me the link to this thread so I found my way to your messages. So nice to hear from you and I’m glad you welcome the ad, it’s very powerful and I’m really proud to have been part of something like this alongside all the other gorgeous girls. Let’s hope Breast Cancer Now continue to raise lots of money to help us all <3. Thinking of all the lovely ladies and men that have to go through treatment for Breast Cancer, hopefully one day there is an end to it. Lots of love, Alex xxx