breast cancer physio

First time posting… I’m waiting for my physio referral for lymphoedema and cording, but want to get started asap for obvious reasons - how do I find a physio who has experience of working with these issues and with breast cancer - I assume it’s pretty specialist and the average physio I might find on Google probably isn’t experienced with this. I’m based in West Sussex. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

A good place to contact might be your local lymphoedema service - this might be yours?

The one near me has been great, and they absolutely are the experts. Plus they tend to know of the best people if you need other services, like physio. Last guy I saw had been a physio himself, so loads of contacts!

You can find one in your local directory or google to find the nearest physios. Contact them and make sure to communicate properly about your needs. Physiotherapy is a good choice and to get the maximum result you must consult a professional.
My mother has been practicing physiotherapy for a while and we ate satisfied with the results.
I found a physio near my place from the local directory. Follow their reviews to know more before choosing, this will help you understand them.