Breast Cancer recovery and the menapause.

Hi, nearly a year ago I had 2 operations to remove cancer plus lymphnode removal, followed this up with 23 sessions of radiotherapy and now on Tamoxifen. 


Like alot of ladies have stated, I too am still in quite a bit of pain in my left breast and under my armpit but it sounds like that is to be expected.


The problem I now have is that after being prescribed Tamoxifen, I suffered with hot flushes, spoke to my consultant etc and was told it will pass .months later it hasn’t and just got much worse, so I went to see my doctor who told me I have started my menapause, worst time to start it evidently. So now I have all the symptoms of the menapause, hot flushes, tiredness, no concertration, hair loss, dizzyness etc etc. My doctor struggled to know what to suggest because I’m unable to take HRT and other meds don’t agree with Tamoxifen, so I’ve been put on a tablet that lowers your blood pressure, which isn’t agreeibg with me at all. On top of that I’m now having problems regulating my temperature big time, I’m either burning up, ending with wet clothes etc or I’m shivering, it’s very ware I’m just right no matter what I try to do. 


As well as all the other symptoms, I am feeling really run down and tearful, which isn’t like me and I don’t know what else I can do. I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday but I’m guessinget they are going to refer me to the breast care unit. 


I was just wondering if anyone else is going through what I am and have any suggestions please.


Sorry for rambling but once you start it’s hard to stop isn’t it.


Thanks for any help.



Hi, a family member has suggested I try menomagic for the menapausal symptoms, has anyone else tried this and does anyone know if it’s safe to try on top of Tamoxifen. I’m getting desperate now. 


Thank you