Breast cancer recurrence oncotype dx

Dear veterans of BC and in general BC congregation.

Yes, it is official, I am a veteran, What tones and tones of bad luck I have had! As most of you, this is not what I was hoping for.

Well my new diagnosis, although I haven’t got all the results and need more tests is:
Cancer on the scar tissue of the previous cancer site
Grade 2 IDC ER8 PR5 HER 2-0
mammogram 12 mm/ultrasound 7mm, axilla clear
CT bone scan clear
CT whole body no results to report
Right axilla lymph node awaiting test

I was thinking of requesting a DX Oncotype test and, I have searched online Apparently, they are available and offered nationwide by the NHS, I have also requested an ESR1 mutation test, is this available on the NHS, Has anyone have any experience with those tests?

I will have to undergo a mastectomy as after receiving radiation therapy the surgery cannot be conservatory and the surgeon is not recommending it after a recurrence.
I am thinking of having a double mastectomy, to avoid the risk of recurrence but I am afraid of the surgery’s side effects. I was very keen at the beginning with reconstruction, but now, I have doubts, it is a big surgery and tissue will be taken from my belly, The problem is that I am scared that could impact my muscle strength as I have back problems and for me is important to be able to continue with the pilates practice that helps me a lot with this.

Any advice

A very very angry nipple

Thank you to all of you in advance


I’ve had no issues with a diep. However, you do have to avoid doing any abdominal exercises for about four months after so that internal incisions can heal properly. Afterwards you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing. But if you don’t want to deal with the healing process flat is always a nice option. I went flat for about six months. Did a double mastectomy initially and healed in about two weeks from it. Pretty easy surgery to be honest. I might have stayed flat but they did skin conserving with my double mastectomy and it seemed a shame to waste it. But I enjoyed being flat way more than I thought I would.

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Dear happynipple (you may decide you need a new ‘handle’ later)

I had a small mucinous cancer in one breast and invasive lobular cancer in the other (which was missed on annual mammograms and several ultrasounds; its discovery was down to diligent investigation of clinical symptoms by my surgeon!) Due to strong family history I had considered elective double mastectomy in the past, so with these diagnoses, it was a no-brainer. I decided not to bother with reconstruction because a) my identity have never been about my breasts and b) my sister had a new/recurrent cancer behind her reconstruction (not sure which - we are estranged). I’m perfectly happy being flat (preferable to having any more vulnerable breast tissue than absolutely necessary); I just pop on a pair of falsies on the odd occasion that I want to glam up and fill out a dress. The surgery and recovery was much easier than the subsequent side effects from hormone therapy and (counter-acting) zoledronic acid infusions ! Some bits are still numb or have peculiar sensations, but there are still small gradual improvements 13 months on. Everyone’s choice is a unique set of considerations. Hopefully, gathering opinions and experiences of others will help you with your decision-making. Good luck. There’s a lot of us out here !