Breast cancer returning in reconstructed breast?

Just wondered if anyone can shed any light, just been diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer in my reconstruction after a mastectomy 7 years ago. 

I was always led to believe no breast tissue left so have always focused on my WELL breast with yearly mammograms! Just in total shock as had never read any stories of this happened. Been told it happens in 5% of women? 


Also meant to add 7 years ago it was DCIS and now it’s a different type? ?


The same has happened to me. I had a mastectomy for dcis 20 years ago and have just been diagnosed with lobular cancer and like you really shocked as I didn’t think it was possible. Undergoing tests at the moment to see if it has spread. It is a very stressful time waiting for results.


Hi Zoe19 just wondered what symptoms you had to realize you had local reoccurence please . I hope you get answers if like me you don’t get checked reconstruct ion side so you never know what’s going on . I have just third touch up on my 3D nipple tattoo and have developed a rash around tattoo panick could be reaction to tegaderm but I read on mr google  could be reoccurrence rash x

Hi All. 

‘Had mastectomy 2010, followed by chemo. I then went onto have tram flap. I have now found a lump in reconstruction. Doctors are putting me on the two week wait as it is quicker to get results. I also thought I had no breast tissue left. Starting the journey again.