Breast cancer spread to liver after 20 years -I'm new

Hello everyone - this this my first time on this forum and I’m abit lost .Feel like I’m in limbo as now waiting for a treatment plan for 7+ BC cancer lesions on my liver.tummy feels strange & I get tired more than usual.Its just like a dream but it’s not .Hugs to all Deb x

Hiya again. Glad u have found us here and hopefully u will join in to a lot of the threads we have or start another different one.
Everyone here is dealing with Mets in different areas but the liver ones are "very popular"with the ladies here.
It’s more of a shock after so long since primary bc …I was numb too after twelve years.
My oncologist explained that cancer cells don’t always die with the chemo and rads and sometimes a rogue one goes into hibernation and can activate anytime !! She said it was just bad luck !!
Anyway hope u find some support here with us and please join in on the threads.

I was so happy to get your reply )) I’m not sure how to change my name from my surname?

Hi deb
I also used my proper name too but I think u maybe able to change it if you go into your profile details ?
I hope u r enjoying the threads here as sometimes it takes the focus away from doom and gloom we all get some days !!
Hugs xxx

Hibdebra I had BC in came back in 2013 as bone peritoneal and liver Mets…your treatment plan will make you feel more able to cope…its certainly not easy for any of us…good luck for your treatment plan.take care Sharon.x

Thank you for your replies and help x

Thank you everyone feeling at home already xxx

Hi Deb
Welcome, I’ve not been on here long but feel part of the family now.

I had 7 years clear, and thought I was invincible.

There’s a lot of advice and support here, and some fun too.

Hope all goes well for you with your treatment plan.

Take care
Denise x

Hi deb,

I was nearly five years clear, it came back in the nodes around my shoulders and neck, I can feel them and I get a lot of pain from it,and you do learn to cope, for me I think it was being under the care of the oncology team and of course my treatment plan is weekly paclitaxel with one week off in every three. I’ll be completing session 2 of six rounds of chemo tomorrow and due my week off. I hope once you get your treatment plan you start to feel better about it all. Xxx