Breast cancer spread to the liver

Well my mums meeting was today after all the testing and her nodes came back clear but they’ve found its spread to her liver. Well are all devastated with the news as this is obviously not good news. They’ve said they want her to start chemotherapy asap and have put it through as urgent, she will also start herceptin for at least 12 months. They want her to have a ct scan after 3 chemo treatments to see if the tumors are responding and will look at possible surgery next year

Has anyone here had this diagnosis? Her world has just collapsed and she’s petrified that the issues with the liver mean this is a lot worse.

Hello fergal jay,  so sorry to hear of your mum’s recent diagnosis.

Just to say that it is a devastating thing to hear - I was told of my liver secondary tumours in 2009, and I’m still around, having had various chemos and hormonal treatments (I’m not suitable for Herceptin).  My bc nurse said to me “we can get good control of liver secondaries if we find the right treatment”. 

And… it’s not easy for the family members either… your mum is fortunate to have such a caring daughter!  Take time for yourself, too, to unload your worries (on these forums or elsewhere) and don’t be afraid to ask for practical help whether for your mum or yourself.

Thanks mrsblue so scared as mums 54 and just want her around as long as I can my dad’s falling apart and my poor mum is trying to ready herself to start chemo. I pray for good results after the first 3 doses

Mum’s told me she’s her2+ too so I’ve just found out thats the worst it could be. Petrified

Within next 2 weeks thanks EJ

Hiya my mum starts chemo, herceptin and had funding for pertuzumab which allnstarts Monday. But she’s so stressed as dad’s depression is seriously affecting them both.

Hey guys,


I need some reassurance!!


I have already gor multiple liver mets and bone mets and have been treated for those since March this year with Capecitebine and Denosumab. My tumours in my liver have reduced in size (quite a few still there) and the cancer in my spine is stable and there is sign of healing.


So it was so far so good, and I was just dealing with the side effects as I could park the worry that it was spreading. I am now on 12th round of Cape and I am experiencing similar syptoms to those I was experiencing towards the beginning-a lot of abdo pain, burning pain in my groin and lower abdomen, and also a new symptom, I can hear a tiny clicking noise in my ling at night when i breathe in and out. Also when I was bending over earlier today I could hear a kind on whistling noise coming from my lung.


I have asked for my scans to be brought forward, but the earliest they can do is next Thursday so I have what feels like a long wait ahead of me! :frowning:


I am having to work so hard to stay calm about what might (or might not) be happening inside.Please please reassure me that even if it has spread or the Cape has stopped working, this would not be the end for me? There would be other treatments that could be just as successful? I am one big ball of worry right now, and I have periods of the day where I can forget about it, then i get the burning pain back or I hear my lung making that noise and I get frightened again. Any thoughts/words of advice/reassurance welcomed…


Mowser xxxx