Breast cancer stage 4 , liver also Her + , I’m new just diagnosed

Hello everyone , Merry Xmas to everyone.

i feel I’m alone on this does anyone has been diagnosed with stage 4., and breast cancer cell in the liver .

im terrified , I still have to for a biopsy and then a Pill treatment to stop with the cancer .

please share you’re Story with me.

thank you 

Hi Michu

Welcome to the forum, I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Although I have not experienced the same as you I didn’t want to pass by without saying hello. Please don’t think you are alone there are many people on here to talk to about your fears/worries, it really is a very supportive forum to belong to.

I’m sure people with experience will be along shortly to chat, xmas is a busy time for people but I’m sure replies will come in soon.

In the meantime, have you tried posting on the secondary cancer thread, the ladies there will be able to give you more specific help and share their stories with you.


Joemic x