Breast Cancer that has reached lymph nodes after axillary disection

I was recently diagnosed with four small tumors after a year remission from her2+++.No mastectomy but 14 axillary lymph nodes removed. I now have a tiny tumor in each one between breast on and one under the opposite arm which puts me in a stage 4. I receive Taxol once a week. And every three weeks Taxol, perjeta, and herceptin and of course the zofran .steroids, and Had an allergic reaction to herceptin so Benedryl too. My hair is already falling out after two of the big treatments. ( After it just grew Back and was able to even curl it). I’m trying to be “” HOPEFUL and would love to hear from anyone going thru or have been thru this. On top of all this I got this diagnose just one month after losing my husband of 31years suddenly of a massive heart attack. So I’m having to start my whole life over with this cancer added on. No time has been set, just that it would be ongoing.(treatment).

I meant to say tumor on each side of shoulder I guess its the supraclavicular nodes