Breast Cancer

I have finished all my treatment with having breast cancer and I just feel really low at the minute I just want to know if this is normal with what I have been through over the last 11 months 

I totally get this as will many others on here.
When undergoing our treatment we sort of feel safe we switch over to automatic pilot and complete our treatment once that safety net is removed we are alone with our thoughts not really knowing what comes next.

I finished my treatment end of April and I still sometimes feel as if left to just ‘get on with it, and hope for the best’.
Coming here and being able to chat with other ladies has helped tremendously it made me realise we all experience those same fears/thoughts it has helped put some things into perspective which is so comforting when you do not know who to ask or turn to.

You could try ringing your breast care nurse and ask who you will be seeing next and when other ladies I am sure will point you in the direction of other organisations who can help you in regards of talking about it all please do not bottle it all up talk to those who know what you are going through.

I wish you well with lots of HUGE hugs - you are not alone keep and stay strong.

Poppy xx