Breast cancer

Triple negative yesterday


It’s a shock, isn’t it? The important thing to remember is that things have moved on, while we’re still stuck with 20thC tropes (and Emmerdale didn’t help!). There’s been, and still is, a lot of research into TNBC and new treatments are arriving. Please don’t Google because you’ll read a lot of outdated stuff that will reinforce your likely fears. Remember too that the language of cancer is open to misunderstanding. Words like invasive and aggressive have a different meaning to consultants than they have for us. Just don’t imagine that, with each day’s delay in treatment, those nasty little cells are wreaking havoc. Yes, the risks are higher and it’s often harder to treat than hormone-receptive breast cancers but there are people who have been cured and others who live ordinary lives alongside the condition.

You’ll find many women in these forums with the same diagnosis. It feels doubly scary but everything is manageable, believe me. Wishing you all the very best for our treatment, whatever it is,

Jan x