Breast cancer

So hears how I found out, one early morning I had and itch on my right boob, that’s when I found the lump, it was quite deep inside my boob, I was like checking my left boob then my right boob I kept feeling my breasts all morning, I then went to work and as soon as it got to 8:00am I phoned the Doctors, she asked me is it a emergency I said what do you call an emergency, so I told her and I got to see a doctor that very same day, so I saw the doctor and all she kept saying is you did right to come in, you did right coming in, she referred me to a specialist she said it could take up to two weeks but I got a reply within a week, the appointment came and that’s when I had a mammogram a 3D mammogram an ultrasound and 6 biopsy taken from me, I asked the doctor if they thought it was cancer and she said it very much looks like it, at that point in time I just felt numb I couldn’t believe to what I was hearing, six days later I got it confirmed that it definitely was cancer, but it hasn’t spread take god for that, I am now waiting to have a mastectomy, they did say that they can remove just the lump, but it could come back, so I’ve opted to have a mastectomy with a reconstructive boob all at the same time, just waiting now for a phone call to say when I will be having a consultation and the date to when I’ll be going in 

Dear Somnatic,

So sorry to read your post, we have all been there and now we are here for you, this forum is great to unload any problems you may have.

This must have been a great shock, one day you are fine within 6 days you have breast cancer, well my brave lady I wishing you lots of love, health and happiness going forward, take one day at a time, been kind to yourself, and remember we are here to help if needed.

Also, when having a consultation, keep a pen handy to make notes as sometimes when so much is going on we can always take it all in.

biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: