Breast cancer

Hi I’m new to this I lost my mam just recently August gone she got diagnosed in April. I left work to care for my mam pain got to much and she ended up in hospital and 4 days after she passed away.still carnt get my head round it.never got told what stage it was at never got told nothing really.mam found the lump along time ago but never said anything to anyou one.maybe if she did she might be still here today .so it’s really important to check your breast :heart:

Hi Whisper, 


I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my mum too in very similar circumstances. She was diagnosed back in 1998 with a very advanced breast tumour that she had hidden from us for a long time, she did get through the initial treatment but went on to develop secondary cancer in her lungs and bones and died in 2003. 

I truly believe she would still be with us if she had sought help when she first knew there was a problem. 


The one thing the whole experience taught me was not to let this happen to me and when I discovered a lump 3 years ago I acted straight away and was diagnosed and successfully treated. 


Its is so very important to look after yourself no matter how frightening the thought of what may happen is, the one thing for certain is cancer will not go away on its own, we asked my mum why and her only answer was she was scared, I completely understand that but nothing is scarier than dying in my eyes. 


Look after yourself, things get easier and make sure you are proactive if you have any worries yourself in the future Xx Jo