Breast clinic and tests

Hi everyone 

I’m new to this website but just wanted to ask a few questions. 
 In February this year I had nipple discharge from my right breast and I had bleeding. I went to the docs who gave me antibiotics and cream and it cleaned up. He felt my breast at the time and no lumps. 

fast forward to April, I am experiencing tingling in my breast like pins and needles, Itchy skin, the feeling of my skin collapsing (unsure if that makes sense) it feels like my skin is puckering but there’s no dimpling. I rang the docs she said observe it. 

I have and now we’re here, still the same pains in my breast every single day. I was in bed and found a hard lump in my breast. I panicked and moved then lost the lump. I then asked my mum if she could check it the next day, she found a lump and I made a docs appointment . I was fully expecting him to say he couldn’t find it however soon as I lay down he found it. He’s referred me to the breast clinic and I have an appointment next week. I’m nervous and anxious. 
here’s abit about me - I’m 27, so young to be referred really. I have family history of breast cancer - all the women on my dad side have had it. 
My GP was concerned due to my symptoms and also due to my family history. 
if my lump isn’t cancer Hes advised me to have the gene test to see if I carry the gene. 

im worried and anxious about my appointment. Can anyone give me any advice on what happens? 

thank you x

Hi trixy, firstly well done you for being breast aware and getting to doctors. You can phone the number on here and speak to a nurse who will advise you what will happen at your appointment. I’m not sure with the Covid-19 situation how the clinics are running at each trust, but it will probably be a scan with one of those had held scanners while you are lying on the bed, they might do a mammogram and a biopsy if they want to check something out, this is to ensure they are checking you thoroughly. The gene test is just a blood test that you will get results back from and then if you do carry the gene, like Angelina Jolie did, then you have options again please phone the nurses on here, they will answer all your questions and give you support while you are waiting for appointment and results, also I’m sure others will be along soon, to offer support and advise too. Sending :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi trixy678, welcome to the forum but sorry you find yourself here.  Well done for being persistent with your GP and trusting your instincts that something needs checking.  As Shi said they’ll likely do a scan, possibly a mammogram and a biopsy to get a full picture.  Make sure you take someone with you to listen and take notes for you.  When you’re anxious it’s easy to forget everything. Let us know how you get on. 

Hi, I’m going through this during covid so thought I’d let you know how my local hospital Trust is doing things during this time. 

30th May found my lump 

01st June gp appointment 

5th June hospital appointment, biopsy, mammogram and ultrasound 

13th June hospital results

Hope this helps xxx