Breast clinic appointment very quick, now worried!

Hello Ladies,


I saw my GP about a tiny hard pronounced bit deep in my breast on Tuesday afternoon, today, Friday i have received my appointment for the clinic next Tuesday morning. I noticed on the envelope the letter was posted to me on Wednesday, (albeit by 2nd class post) the day after my afternoon appointment.


I am now more worried that it is being treated as urgent, despite my GP saying it’s very small and probably just breast tissue.


I’m sure it varies hugely around the country, but how soon after seeing your GP’s did you get your breast clinic appointments?



It’s going to be a long weekend…

Target should be in under 14 days between GP urgent referral and appointment at the breast clinic. I would take it that your NHS area is being efficient, it’s no indicator as the GP cannot tell but any lump should be referred as such.

I had to wait 17 days for my breast clinic appointment.

Hi Mabel,

As has been said, please don’t read anything into this, it is standard practice for breast clinic referral & thank goodness the appointment does come through quickly!

Mostly, all turns out to be well.

ann x

Thank you ladies, for your reassuring words. It’s much appreciated,