Breast Clinic Appointment

Hi, this is my first post and looking for a little bit of advice. I was at the G.P and mentioned that I had breast lumps that have persisted for at least five months. After an examination the G.P agreed that the lumps were present and that the breast felt thicker than the other and refered me to the brest clinic.
My appointment came for about a week later, the clinic was very busy and running late. My appointment lasted around two mins, I did not recieve a breast examination and was not asked any questions. The Dr asked me to point out one of the lumps, put his index finger on it and asked me to sit up then told me to put clothes back on while telling me I had a fibrocystic breast then left.
I’m only 30 and have no family history of breast cancer so was 99% certain that my breast issues had a benign cause, but I felt really silly and totally unsatisfied with the appointment. My breast is very lumpy, the area around my armpit is puffy and sore, as is the upper part of breast. It sounds wierd but it almost feels as if the breast isn’t mine.
Any advice about how to deal with or improve this condition would be very much appreciated.

Hello Nic500

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Whilst waiting for replies you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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I’m pretty sure every person on here will say exactly the same; call the clinic and say you want to be seen again. You went to the clinic for reassurance, tell them you didn’t get it, there’s nothing worse than worrying. And speak to your GP again, they’ll be able to help you get another appointment.
I really hope it isn’t anything serious, so good luck and for now, have a hug xxx

Wow. just wow…I thought I had had a lousy clinic experience!
But Sailor girl is right, go back to your GP and explain that you didn’t get anywhere near the reassurance that you need or deserve from the clinic.
There is absolutely no way that a doctor can tell you, as in diagnose, fibricystic breasts unless he has performed a full clinical work up which would be a thorough exam of both breasts, armpits and collar bone area followed by at least an ultrasound if not a mammogram ( not always done in younger women due to dense breast tissue) and for absolute clarity a biopsy of any dominant lumps.
Your age should make no difference to the quality of care you recieve, neither should the fact that the clinic was running late. I would have waited at the clinic an extra five hours if I had thought that every single woman was recieving the time and attention she deserved.
It might help to ring the help line here and talk through how you feel - your experience shouldn’t be underestimated, and you should never be made to feel silly over a genuine health concern. Your GP would not have made the referral if he/she thought there was no reason to get you checked out. Please go back and ask for a second referral or even a second opinion if you dont feel comfortable seeing the same consultant, you have a right to request this.
If you feel really unhappy about the way you were treated you could also contact the patient liason service linked to the clinic you attended (PALS) their contact should be on the trust/hospital website. they can investigate your treatment and supposrt you to get the care you need.
There is every chance that nothing scary is happening in your boobs, but clearly something is and you deserve to be seen properly and have a proper diagnosis and an explanation given to you and be treated with dignity and respect. Having a benign condition does not preclude being treated well.
I really hope you manage to get some help with this. Best wishes.

Thanks for the replies, they have reassured me that my disappointment isn’t unreasonable. I just felt that even though benign I would have been given even a little info or preventative advice. The GP who referred me called this evening to arrange a prescription for something unrelated and asked me how I got on at the clinic, think she sensed that I wasn’t too impressed and asked me to make an appointment with her for six weeks time to check the medication is doing its job and also to check for any changes to my breast.
The GP seems very approachable and I feel confident that she would take my concerns seriously if things don’t improve.

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts


Good for you Nic, I’m glad you have a good GP in your corner. Hope the boobs settle down soon. I am told that evening primrose can help with painful boobs, and that cutting back on caffeine can help too. I don’t know if there is any real evidence out there for these things, but some women do find that they relieve things a bit.