Breast Clinic next week and really worried...37 and a mum

I found a small lump like a grain of rice/pip in my upper left inner quad of my breast. I thought it felt more connected to my chest/breast bone area rather than in my breast tissue but the nurse I saw yesterday has referred me. 

I am trying to get a grip on my anxiety and remind myself that out of over 1,000,000 women in the Uk who are age 35-39 only 1,500 approx. got diagnosed with breast cancer in the last year which is tiny and again it is around 15% of all cancers in the upper inner quad but I am being sick…shaking…unable to sleep…palpitations and horrific anxiety. I went to the breast clinic in 2012 for a breast mouse in my other boob but that felt different it was softer for a start so I am automatically thinking the worst. I am so sorry to sound dramatic but I am doing my husband’s head in I am sure. x

Dear Shera83, 

Btw, Shera happens to be my all-time favourite cartoon from the 80s, love that name. 

I completely understand the heightened anxiety. I myself went through something similar two months ago, and I was a total puddly mess most of the time. We always think the absolute worst, maybe its something within us trying to cushion any potential negative blow or maybe its just plain fear. In any case, try and take care of yourself in the meantime. Try to rest, and eat well and get that sunlight into your body. If anything, tell yourself it only helps shore strength and health in your body. Do it for that. You are doing the absolute right thing to get it checked, better to see to it asap than not. If your mind does go automatically to the worst, then consider (in the worst case) that early detection really means the mildest treatment. And again, if your mind dives down towards the dumps, then start to think of and trust in today’s medicine (breast cancer is the most survivable form of cancer today) and also trust in the legion of sisters before you. And I see you like your stats and percentages, so also hold onto them as you await for your appointment and diagnosis. 

Hugs and love and light to you. Keep us updated, hon. 


I was in the same place this time last year, same age too.  A complete fluke find and I unluckily ended up in that small % where is was nasty. Firstly, try to be positive. It is hard, and i completely get it. I suffer from anxiety anyway so this just turned it up to deathcon1!

A way to get through is just take it one step at a time. I find that my thoughts run away with themselves so i literally just worked as far up to what came next. This stopped those pesky thoughts from taking me away. Also… keep busy. Again this works as you have to carry on. Being a human you want to curl up in a ball and make it all go away… being a mum, you have to still make the dinner, engage in conversations your children think are really important. We went out on lots of days out, these gave me some positive memories from that horrible time, and also kept me from breaking down. 

The good news is that there is always a treatment and although your mind will go to worst case, remember it can have good outcomes too. I am one boob lighter but now healthy and clear. 

The clinic team will be supportive and amazing with you no matter what the outcome, try to be kind to yourself.

Good luck with your appointment