Breast Clinic Questionnaire anyone?

Hello again, my appointment has come through for 4 Dec for one stop clinic now and my anxiety exasperated. In 2016 I went twice and again in 2014 for one stop clinic all at Royal Free London but this time appointment has come through with New Female Patients questionnaire which I’ve not had before even though it is same hospital again Dont they have my records be on the system from previous appointments etc? I am confused. Thank you.



I wonder if it is something new that they have brought in since the last time you were to collect information on female patients, also it could be a means of ensuring that the information they hold on their records is up to date

Hello, thank you for response. I’m panicking that they’ve lost all my records!!

Thank you so much, I suffer from severe health anxiety and irrational thoughts and being back here again is so overwhelming and it’s so lovely to have someone who knows what is going on or can respond logical ??

Hi Demi, I had a questionnaire to fill out with my initial appointment letter back in 2015, i thought it was standard . Im certain they wouldnt have lost your notes prob they just update every few years Xx

Thank you xx