Breast Clinic referral

  • Hi everyone. I felt compelled to post for the first time in the hope that our experience will give comfort to those going through the same process and to say a sincere thank you to everyone in this great community. My wife (62) received a referral letter just before Christmas following a routine 3 year mammogram screening and of course we both have been extremely anxious to say the least over the holiday period. My wife dealt with it by keeping very busy and I as is my way did the research including reviewing many of the posts on this forum which provided a great deal of comfort so thank you so much. Never the less we both fell down the rabbit hole of hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Anyway my wife attended the clinic yesterday and had a mammogram which surprisingly did not show the " abnormality "  that was on her original screening mammogram and the reason she was referred to the clinic. This puzzled the radiologist so she did another one and low and behold the " abnormality " did show up so she examined my wife and discovered a mole that my wife has had for years. She marked the mole with some special tape took another mammogram and ultrasound and yes indeed the " abnormality " shown on her screening mammogram was in-fact the mole which they also confirmed was OK - what a relief. The reason she was referred was that the routine screening this time captured the " abnormality" ( mole) where as her previous one 3 years ago did not probably due to positioning when they took the mammogram. The main purpose of me posting which is the least I can do is firstly to say a big thank you - you really helped me through this and really to highlight what many people have said on this forum that a referral following a routine mammogram could mean absolutely anything and given my wife’s experience I do mean absolutely anything. I sincerely hope that although my wife’s experience will perhaps not relieve all the natural worry it will give a degree of optimism and comfort to others going through this very difficult process. I doubt I will post again but I really wanted to say a big big thank you to you all  , provide a positive " real life " example of what can happen  and wish everyone the very very best on your various journeys. My thoughts are with you. Many thanks

Thanks for taking the time to post Hubby2, and glad that you were both able to walk away knowing that everything was ‘all clear’ following a very anxious few weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, so glad to hear that all the words and experiences written on the forum were able to help you during a troubling time.