Breast clinic referral

I have been referred by my GP because of breast pain. She couldn’t feel a specific lump but said my breasts were a ‘bit lumpy’ anyway. I know that I shouldn’t worry but I suffer from anxiety and depression so tend to always imagine the worst case scenario. I am also concerned that the staff at the clinic will feel that I am wasting their time and make me feel silly. 

Hi Hrp-98


You are doing exactly the right thing, better to get things checked out.  I can only speak from my own experience and say the ladies at my breast clinic were lovely, couldn’t have tried harder to make me feel as relaxed as it is possible to be at that sort of appointment.  I was like a bag of nerves but it is absolutely the right thing to do to get anything which doesn’t feel right checked over by the people that know.  Good luck x 



Honestly please be assured you are not wasting anyones time, it is always best to get any breast change checked out if only to give you peace of mind, you will see on here that there are many ladies who have found that it is not breast cancer following a visit to the breast clinic.


Helena xxx