Breast clinic tomorrow

Following a routine mammogram last week I have been called to hospital tomorrow for “further tests”, before I can be given a result.
Am I likely to find out tomorrow if I am ok or not? Obviously I am quite worried and hoping all is ok
thanks in advance


hi Karen

If your clinic is a “one-stop” then you most likely will find out tomorrow. I got my diagnosis on the day of the clinic (I was referred by my GP) after they had done a mammogram, ultrasound and fine-needle biopsy which sounds horrible but was just a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully you will also find out what you need to know. You are bound to be worried, but not all mammogram recalls are because of cancer - it could very easily be something else, including a problem with the mammogrsm itself sich as not enough info shown on the original. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Love Mo xx

Hi Karen and welcome to the BCC forums

Our helpliners are here in addition to the support you have from your fellow users, they are on 0808 800 6000 and you can call 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat to talk through your concerns. I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful as it contains information about other tests you may need:

Take care

Can’t comment on whether you hear tomorrow or not, but just sending you hugs. This is a really horrible stage - The Waiting Room - and we’ve all been there. And many more people than are on here have walked out of The Waiting Room via the All Clear door.

If you don’t get answers tomorrow, or even if you do, use the forums as much as you find useful. We’re here for you.


At our clinic we will do a clinical breast examination and some more mammograms usually magnified so we can see more closely if it’s something real or just a mammographic abnormality like a fold or wrinkle in the breast tissue.

You may then be discharged if its an obvious benign finding… Otherwise you may then get an ultra sound.

Sometimes at this point you can then be discharged if its something like a cyst.

Otherwise you would going for a biopsy by ultra sound or stereotactic in the mammogram machine.

The results take around a week to come back at our clinic but if it looked strongly suspicious of cancer we d tll up that before you left or if we thought it was strongly benign we would tell you that but unfortunately lots of people biopsied are in the indeterminate group andw basically have to wait for the results as it coud be benign or malignant… But nothing is 100% until the path results are available.

Not all clinics run the same way but his is how our screening clinic works.

Good luck

Thank you for the replies. My appt is at 1015 and hopefully I will get results today.

karen49, best of luck to you for your appointment, fingers crossed and lots of hugs xx

Hi K aren. I know how you feel as I am going to the clinic for tests today too. My appointment is at 3.30pm and I am very nervous. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you good luck! Karenbu

Well I had my appt today and hopefully everything is ok. I have a lump and had a biopsy, which I get the results next week. The Dr thinks it is fibrous though and was really nice and positive.
Ty for putting my mind at rest and good luck to anyone else waiting on results. What a lovely forum this is xx

So glad that you got some info quickly and glad that it all sounds really positive. Waiting for biopsy results isn’t so bad if you’ve already had some feedback! Hoping they come back with good results! Take care, Mo x

Karen that is sounding very positive iv got my fingers crossed for our appt next week