Breast compression band

I was diagnosed DCIS and will have mastectomy and implant reconstruction.

I am wondeing if I need to get breast compression band. Or hospital provides??

Also, any recommendation for recovery bra, please.

Thank you.

I was advised to get a supportive front fastening bra and the breast care team showed me examples of what to buy. Now 7 weeks on and wearing a cropes top type of bra.
Good luck

I wore front fasting post op bras surgeon recommended M&S zip up which helped with swelling after a month wore cropped tops which where comfortable as well.

My Breast care team told me to get one from M&S but didnt show me what to get.
I got front fastning but not sure if its supportive and I got right one.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I got one from M&S but not the zip one.
Hope mine works fine…
Thank you :slight_smile:

Depending on what surgery happens, they will put conpression dressing on. You remove this after 2 days and then normal dressings are underneath. I can’t get a bra over mine. When i take it off on Friday, I will wear a comfortable, supportive and non-wired bra. No one at hospital mentioned compression bras but I only had a WLE and ALNC.