breast cysts and aspiration complications

Hello. I am mew to this forum and hoping to hear from others with similar experiences. I am 50 years old and have been getting annual mammograms since I was 40.  My paternal grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 1963, but there are no other family members that have had breast cancer on both sides of my family.  Since I have been getting routine mammograms, all of them have been “normal”.  About two years ago, after a screening mammogram, I received a callback to have an ultrasound of a large (

3cm) lump in my left breast.  The ultrasound revealed a large “simple cyst”. The doctors informed me that these are very common and no treatment was necessary.  At that time the cyst was not bothersome and I chose to continue with annual mammograms.

Fast forward to December of 2021. After urging from family members and some discomfort with the cyst,  I decided to have the cyst aspirated.  Upon aspiration of the cyst, the doctor informed me that the cyst was about 4 cm and the fluid withdrawn was normal on color. He was not concerned and said that the cyst was fully aspirated.  He told me to return to yearly mammograms, unless the cyst refilled. 

Two weeks after the first aspiration,  I noticed that it had refilled. I went back for another diagnostic ultrasound.  This time it was a different doctor.  He completed an ultrasound and aspirated the cyst again.  This time the fluid withdrawn was dark red. He left a marker in tge cyst in case they needed further intervention at some point.  He sent the aspirate in for cytology and did another mammogram.  He said that he believed yhat the cyst was refilling with blood, due to a blood vessel broken during initial aspiration. Two days later he called with the cytology report.  All was normal and no cancer found, just blood. He said I needed to get a referral for a surgical consultation. 

I have an appointment with a breast surgeon in 2 weeks. I am hoping for the best.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I have searched online for complications with cyst aspirations, but most articles say complications are rare. 

Hoping to hear from others regarding their experiences with breast cysts.  Thank you!

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Hi can I ask you what the outcome of you cyst that refilled with blood? 
I’ve had to have cysts removed a couple of times now but on my last visit a couple of weeks ago they hit a vessel. It was so painful and I had a lot of bruising. Fast forward two weeks it feels like the cyst has refilled and is soooo painful. I will phone the clinic tomorrow. Was just wondering what your out come was! Thank you