Breast Cysts

Breast Cysts

Breast Cysts Hi there,

I wonder if anyone else has experieced this.

About 18 months ago I had 3 breast cysts, 2 small ones and one large one. I had the triple assessment and had the cysts aspirated.

Then in December I found a large lump in the same breast, I was referred to the breast clinic again and they did the triple assessment again ( I am 50) they said it was a breast cyst and I had it aspirated, it went down straight away, but I felt something still there. Almost like the empty sac.
(I had this done on December 11th)

The lump got larger especially nearer my period (about 2.5 to 3 cm) and very tender, I went back to the doctor, who aspirated it but there was only a small amount of fluid in it ,then blood. He said it was possible to have had a blood vessel ruptured during the aspiration at the hospital. Leave it for a few weeks and see how it is.

When my period was almost at an end it was not so tender and it has gone down a bit, but it is still there. I can move it about a bit and it does not hurt now but it is still quite large but does not feel as full.

As anyone else experienced this?


Hello! Hi Lesley

Just thought I’d say hello although I don’t really think I can help you with your specific symptoms, sorry. Not many people use this “benign” site so you might attract more attention if you post on the “Have I got breast-cancer” site because I suspect that that is what’s worrying you anyway?

I’ve had a long history of breast cysts most of which had to be drained and most of which didn’t fill up again, so I was lucky in that respect. But one didn’t behave normally so it had to be surgically removed (lumpectomy) and turned out to be a benign fibroadenoma.

I’m always of the opinion that if something is worrying you, you should go back to your GP asap and ask to be refered to someone with expertise in this area - that is, a breast care clinic for triple assessment. Of course we all know that most breast problems are benign but that doesn’t stop us worrying about the one we have got.

You can also try the medics on this site but the best reassurance is from having it tested and finding it is benign.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I’m here if you just want to talk. As others will tell you, I’m a great one for talking…

Love and cyberhugs from P. xx

Hi Lesley / philomena

Can’t add to any answers as i am still searching for them myself

just to say i feel like cysts are the blight of my life and so hard to get an answer on - i have been “diagnosed” with multiple cycts I have had no FNA or other investigation other than a mammo and an US 6 months ago

I have been back to the breast clinic again after my boob became so sore and other changes involving the nipple All i seem to get is a good 2 second prod - i have resigned myself that the doctor knows best although i know deep down they can be wrong but what else is there to do but wait and see if anything else appears and hope to god it doesnt

it almost feels like i am on some sort of crusade to prove i do have breast cancer as once its in your mind its hard to shift and i do think we should be guided by our instincts that “something” is wrong

however for myself i have given up and come to the conclusion i do have cycts and nothing else and i live with a sore boob - it could be worse like so many on here - although i am not suggesting this is the way forward for you or anyone else

I hope you get the answers you need Lesley and i hope your of a stronger mind to keep going back until your satisfied as i said to the doctor and nurse yesterday how different this would be if men had to walk around with sore and lumpy balls with little intervention or investigation this was met with a smile from the nurse and a shrug from the doctor !! says it all really

Good luck
form a fed up cheesed off sore boobed grumpy so and so
excuse the sombre reply just blowing off steam

I do wish you every luck though
god bless

Dear Lesley If you would like to speak to one of our nurses or helpliners about your concerns you have regarding your symptoms, you are welcome to call our confidential freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. Alternatively, you can contact our information nurses via the ‘Ask the Nurse’ service which you will find on our homepage.

Kind regards
BCC Host

Hi Alison! Hello Alison - pleased to meet you!

I’m so sorry you are having such a frustrating experience but your wonderful rant made me smile. I loved the end bit! I wish I’d been there to see the doctors face when you said that to him. And quite right too - the world would be a very different place if male docotors had to cope with boobs and moods or balls being mauled.

I’ve just written you a reply but it’s gone off into cyberspace somehow - maybe I didn’t click the “post” box. In case it gets rescued and suddenly appears with this second attempt I’d just like to reassure you that I haven’t been eating onions (repeating effects).Though I am trying to remember what I wrote.

I am awaiting a second opinion on 24th Jan and like you I cannot get the fear of cancer out of my mind. Then I feel guilty because of all the folk here who are coping so courageously with the actual diagnosis of cancer. I am such a wimp. If I ever find a way to get rid of the fear, I promise I’ll share it with you until them I’m stuck with the anxiety of going to get undressed and seeing how bad the discharge has been today and getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about all this delay and what it might be doing to my chances of a good outcome. Then I have to quickly replace such negative thinking with positive thoughts just in case there is any connection between them and the outcome. Crazy isn’t it?

When I’m Prime Minister, I’ll make it possible for everyone to have instant access to the tests that will give them reassurance without having to go begging to a male doctor for his permission first. What are my chances of being elected do you think?

Love, laughter and chin-up cyberhugs from P. xx

Breast Cysts Thank you for your replies everyone,

It is nice to know you are not the only one suffering this frustration, and thanks for a good laugh.

Love Lesley x