Breast dent small like size of my finger print

I found this dent about 25th Jan booked appointment with dr.

I went with a photo in case she couldn’t see what I was seeing.

she couldn’t and said they are perfect I did question and ask can you see what I’m seeing she said no and I pointed her again to the photo. Her response was do you believe your camera or my eyes as a doctor.

I am 43 and been checking my boobs since 20 and never had any concerns or been to doctor about them bar when I had mastitis and breast feeding.

iam not at all reassured if anything feel worse so I have phone again and requested to be seen by another gp I have taken photos from different angles so they can’t says it’s light. I asked my daughter to look and she couldn’t see by looking head on so asked her to stand behind me in mirror and she now knows what I mean.

I also can feel a dip when I run my finger over and have had pain in just that one too.

am I been silly asking to be seen again and what if the new gp says the same. I do have some photos if anybody wants to try reassure me 

Forty plus You are doing the right thing, insist you get a referral to breast unit and get thorough check over, no one knows your body like you and better to make a demand and be seen and thoroughly checked over, then you can have peace of mind. Well done you for being vigilant and persistent :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

@fortyplus  - I read your message and was about to reply when I spotted Shi had just sent one. I agree with everything Shi says. You really do know your body better than anyone so do insist on being seen at the breast clinic. We are all right with you! It’s not acceptable for a GP to be so rude to you, so I would definitely agree with your plan to see a second GP and ask for a referral.

Of course the fact that we are pushing you to get checked doesn’t mean that we think it is suspicious, just that it is important to get any changes looked at. Most changes are benign/harmless, but if they aren’t then it’s better to get them seen and treated as early as possible.

Keep us posted, if you happy to of course. Sending hugs, Evie xx

@fortyplus  I am glad you have asked to see another GP and completely agree with the advice you have received on here.  Eight years ago I saw a brilliant locum GP who referred me into breast clinic.  Could not feel a lump when put into usual position with arm up, but said to her if I lay on my side I think I can feel a lump and sure enough she said to me lay in that position and she said yes I can feel something now.  my experience with the Registrar at the breast clinic was similar to what you are experiencing now.  He was very dismissive of both me and the GP because he could not feel the lump with arm up position and then dismissed my comments about laying on my side and just said if it’s there I should be able to feel it anyway!  

I also had a lot of pain.  He Pushed a leaflet across the table about pain management with paracetamol.  I pushed it back to him.  Everyone says you don’t get pain with breast cancer… including that Registrar.  The tumour itself may not cause pain but whatever it pushes against can cause pain.  

I stood my ground with him at the clinic and insisted on a mammogram or a visit to the PALS office.  A mammogram happened that day and within five minutes of it I was having a biopsy…I had breast cancer at the age of 42.  

there was a specialist nurse in the appointment with the registrar.  She reported the incident up to the consultant because when I went back for results I had a very apologetic consultant and was assured the registrar was receiving additional training.  

this all sounds scary, but the point I am making is that you are better to be safe than sorry and you do know your body better than anyone.  I wish you well and sincerely hope that the dent turns out to me nothing to worry about.  Kindest regards. X