Breast dimple but nothing on scan

Around 9 months ago i noticed a very slight dimple (like a thumb print in playdoh) it is a millimeter deep.i went to the Dr’s and he could feel no lump but he referred me to the breast clinic.After 2 very anxious weeks in which I had made myself very mentally I’ll I went for the appt, in which the consultant examined me and said he didn’t think it was anything to worry about and wasn’t an alarming dimple…he drew a cross on it and sent me for a scan.A lovely lady took her time doing the scan and said there
Was nothing there.she said there was no cancer but couldn’t see anything that was causing it…I asked if it was normal to not have a reason and she made me feel relieved and that it was by explaining sometimes breast change and things shrink inside
That can cause it.I had recently had my 2nd child and breastfed in which I had problems with too much milk production.i left feeling relieved and lucky but now after around 9 months I’m worried to why it’s still there and if they just couldn’t see the so anxious and can’t stop thinking it is serious although it’s not changed at thinking of going back but also very scared to.sorry for the long post but I wondered if anyone has a dimple that is not cancer . thankyou

Jo ,it’s probably nothing but if it’s causing you anxiety go back to G.P and discuss whether you could be re-referred to clinic .