Breast dimpling, like cellulite?

Hi All

I had a WLE and SNB 10 days ago. Apart from the usual bruising, swelling, cording, I have now noticed that the area above and to the side of my breast has a dimpling effect that looks similar to cellulite. I have looked up cellulitis, but that seems to be something different, to do with lymphoedema and infection, I think, but this is not hot or red, just dimpled. Has anyone else had this and does it go away?

Ann x

hello Ann

when i had my WLE (right side) back in Oct 08 and the skin around my scar and under the reduced boob had that effect, once i had had radiotherapy it did go away. I have more recently had a reduction on my left boob and must admit this cellulite effect is very noticable on the underneath of that boob too.
If you have any pain or burningthough in skin that has that effect speak to your BCN as soon as you can. Yhe Cording does go way and doing the excersises does have an effect so keep them up :slight_smile:

rhian xxx

Thanks, Rhian. There is no burning or pain, so I am assuming it is not anything serious. I am doing the exercises, so hopefully the cording won’t extend too far.

Ann x

Cording is so strange, i went to see a physiotherapist while i had it and she massaged my arm , it would sometimes appear in different pasts of my arm , but the inside bend of my elbow was the worst. I great excersise i was sown was to outstretch my arm on a table or along a wall and make your fingers ‘walk’ stretching each finger as you do it , sounds odd but it really was great.


Ok, thanks Rhian, I shall try that.

Anyone else with cellulite-type breast soon after surgery?

Ann x

Anyone else with cellulite-type breast soon after surgery?

Ann x

Hi Ann_o4
I have noticed the same , lots of dimpling, quite weird. Maybe its where the tissue inside the breast has been disturbed by the surgeon? dunno really. Are you still wearing good support bra day and night? Hope you are okay, Love Jackie x

Hi, I’m 7 weeks post opp and the ‘orange peel effect’ is just stating to go,although my boobs still has a gathered look around the scare. Hope this goes.It still feels hard around this area too.

Jackie - How long ago was your op? Mine was on 23rd Sept, 10 days ago, but I only noticed the dimpling last night for the first time.

I’m wearing a bra during the day, but stopped at night, once I felt it was not painful to go without. Are we supposed to continue longer? I thought I might sleep better without, although I am still mostly on my back and wake each time I would normally turn. I don’t have a big bust, so I don’t need a great deal of support.

Jellylegs - I wouldn’t really call mine orange peel, which I imagine would be quite fine bumpiness - it is really dimpling. I would love to know what it is, though.

Hope you are both doing ok. Ann x

Hi Ann 04, I have a really big dimple near one end of my scare,I suppose mine could be discribed more like pukering really.
Like the boob has just realised that the lump has gone,perhaps its because the swelling has gone down. My skin was smooth after the opp, it started to pucker about 3 weeks post opp. Does yours still feel hard around the scare.

Jellylegs - Yes, I have a pucker at one of end the scar but this dimpling is not that. This area is not nearest to the scar and, as you say, was smooth after the op. It is as if maybe fluid has been lost, or is being stored in pockets, make it dimpled. Very odd.

I don’t know if it feels hard around the scar. I haven’t really investigated that yet. I have lost proper feeling around it. I can feel pressure but not skin touch, if you know what I mean. The scar seems to have formed a ridge along it. I hope that will go too.

Ann x

Hi ladies,
Hi Ann, we meet here as well as the other topic!!! I had dimpling after all my ops and it was just settling down when they opened me up again and again and again! After my mx I had lots of dimpling which 3 1/2 weeks later is now going. The ends of the scar always seem to stick out too. Each time they opened the scar it got number and number and now the area has absolutely no feeling at all. I also had a hard swelling under the scar each time which I assume was probably fluid and which never had time to disperse. I think with time you will find it will settle down nicely. I nearly had a fit when I saw how they had sewn me up after my first WLE but that had started to look a lot better 3 weeks later.
Take care, love to you all,

Hi all, just thought I’d add what I know about scars… check with your bcn or surgeon, but as soon as possible, massage them to break down the scar tissue underneath - that’s what the ridge is. With something like e45, or aqueous cream or bio oil. It will help, even without a cream. Wierd to do to begin with, if you’re like me, but it makes a difference.

Hello again, Jane.

I suppose the dimpling is just another side-effect that may hopefully go with time, then. It is just nice to know that others have had the same experience with all these things. I feel I can’t keep running to the BCN to ask if something is normal. It is all making me so paranoid about every little thing, though.

River - It will be strange to massage the scar. Because of the lack of feeling, I have not been keen to investigate it. It feels really weird, as you say.

Ann x

Ann My surgoen told me to try and touch and massage my scar as much as possible apparently it helps the blood supply to the area. It does feel very strange because you know you are touching it but there is no feeling a bit like the sensation following a trip to the dentist. I used a cream i bought off the internet from a lady who makes handmade soap and creams using natural products. I can pass on the web address if anyone wants it.

rhian x


I am sure others would appreciate know the web address. I have been using some Nelson’s creams, like Arnica for the bruising, and I have tried the Rhus Tox and Ruta Grav for the cording.

I suppose because it is a relatively short time since my op, I was loathe to disturb the scar by massaging it. I thought I should wait for it to heal a bit more.

Ann x

I think when my lady said massage and touch she meant gently the cram i use is called ’ Creme de la creme moisturising balm’ or ‘Rosa moschata and vit A elixir’ both are from carol mcmillan soaps (edited by moderator) She does a range of creams and moisturisers but really does make them by hand. I used the Balm from about 4 weeks post op , and the elixir I use all over my breast when my BCN saw my scar back in Aug she was really amazed and asked for the details herself. some of Carol Mcmillans stuff is non scented, the balm i use has a scent but i tried it out on my neck for a bit before trying it on my breast tissue.

rhian xxxx

Hi Ann
My first op was on 16th September.
sorry for the delay in replying to your post. my surgeon told me to wear a good sports bra day & night for at least 3 weeks - probably because I am a 36E & need the support. I havent been told anything about massaging scar tissue with creams, and I was told to leave the dressings on (they are pretty yucky now) until I have my 2nd op this Thursday. I have heard Bio Oil is supposed to be very good for reducing scars. Am, so fed up about having to have my scars opened up again just when they have healed up (I think!). One of the SNB scars I have has healed very well, might try bio oil on that one.
Rhian, thanks for the info on your elixir/Cream, it sounds v good.
Jackie xx


Hope your op goes ok, tomorrow. Good luck and thinking of you.

Ann xx