breast dimpling/ skin retraction and lumps

Hi there,
went to the gp with skin retraction (I think this is what it is called- no obvious dimple as such but just a flattening of the shape of my breast on lower inside part). I had a mammogram and ultrasound which revealed two suspicious lumps close together (which were not as round as the doctor would like them to be apparently) and so they took a biopsy last monday- am getting results on thursday but after spending hours on the internet cannot find anything that matches this picture apart from cancer so would be interested to hear if anyone has had any other outcome.

Am also 38 yrs & type 1 diabetic and think there is a diabetic mastitis/ fibrous breast disease / mastopathy which can mimic cancer on ultasound but from what ive read doesnt seem to cause this skin retraction/ change in breast outline etc.

would be v helpful to hear any other experiences as am so so mum died from breast cancer at 56 after only 18 months after her diagnosis.

Hi Debbs38
Mine wasn’t even a dimpling. I started with a slight ripple by my cleavage and then a few days later noticed the base of my nipple was retracting slightly. It wasn’t noticeable or palpable on laying down and had to show my doctor and the BC doctors it with my arm above my head. The BC doctor said ‘I can’t see anything’, luckily the nurse standing a bit behind him said ‘well I can’. Unfortunately it turned out to be positive and I have had my mastectomy (really not as bad as you think) and am waiting on starting my chemo. On the plus side I had two biopsies which both said I had grade 3 but when histology of my breast was done it was found to be grade 1.
It is so tempting to go on the internet and try and look at pictures etc when you are in this position the only thing you can really do is wait for your results and go from there. There is too much mis information and when you are trying to find out something so important you can get completely bogged down. I work in BC and believe me I have a hard time disseminating all the information there is out there. If you are having a hard time ring the BC nurse at your clinic up.

Hi Debs. All the best for your results tomorrow. I think we all agree that you’re in the darkest place when hanging about waiting for test results - when you know what’s what, you have something to deal with. Hopefully this will all be nothing, but you will find plenty of support on here whatever happens so please keep in touch.

Love Heather