Breast Discharge

Hi everyone.I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive breast cancer in my left breast I had chemotherapy, lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I have had problems with seromas and a begin lump in January.On a couple of occasions I have felt a tiny wet patch on my t shirt from my opposite breast. I went to a surgeon today as I felt a lump near my scar.He has told me this is scar tissue.The benign lump is no bigger so there is no recurrance.I am in constant pain.He said this was normal.The pain behind my ribs is muscle damage grom radiotherapy.All this was diagnosed with out a scan.I am extremely worried about the discharge.He fobbed this off as normal and hormonal.I find this strange as its one of the main symptoms of breast cancer.Has anyone got any advice for me please? So worried.Thank you ?

If you are not happy with what they have said go to you GP or to the hospital and explain your concerns as you have on this page. Do not leave it and worry.
Jane x

Hi.I have requested a second opinion.They will only give it me with the same surgeon.Seems a waste of time ?? xx

Have you spoken to your GP…do you have a choice of GP you can talk to?? They can write to the hospital on your behalf and can ask for another Consultant…i know this as my GP offered to do this…also there may be a breast cancer support group near you…i have one…they have loads of good advice…

Also if you go to your GP and tell them you have discharge in the other breast they will refer you back to have that breast checked i would also say you can feel a small lump…if you do this they have to test that breast as a separate issue to the other one that has been operated on…the appoint in my area has to be within 2 weeks …should be same in your area…
Jane x

GP passes me to breast nurses they pass me Off to a surgeon.Second opinion has to be with the same surgeon !!! ??

It doesnt work like that in our area…so i am at a loss what to suggest. In our area your GP refers you to go to a breast care centre and they investigate. I would ring the Breast Cancer Now number amd speak to a nurse i that case see what they suggest…
Have they actually done a recent mammogram on the leaking breast…if not have you requested one…??