breast during and after radiotherapy

i have had 4 lots of radiothearpy this week and i have noticed a slight change in my breast do your breasts change alot or just a bit thanks roseric

After 4 rads sessions I started to get shooting pains and jabs in my breast and panicked thinking I was going to have a really bad time with it. But it settled down, didn’t get any worse, and the pains disappeared before I got to the end of the 15 sessions.
The worst side effects are at about 2 weeks after the end of rads - my breast got warm and pink but that was about it. Hopefully you’ll be as lucky as I was.
Be prepared for the fact that it takes a LONG time for the extra heat to die away, mine was still warmer after a year!

hi cheshirecheese
don,t mind if it stays hot in the winter it,ll save on the heating bills lol

I didn’t notice any change during, but shortly afterwards my breast was hot and kinda itchy, a bit like a burn. However 6 months later I am experiencing pain in my breast especially around the scar tissue. My breast also feels harder and slightly lumpy. I’ve been told it will probably take a year to settle. Dx