Breast feels hard after surgery

Hi all,

I had a WLE and full node clearance on 10 march and apart from having a bleed that needed draining the day after and some cording have been recovering well. I have however noticed that the affected breast feels quite hard now, and wondered if anyone knew if this was normal? It didn’t feel that way before surgery and I’ve not had radio yet (I know that can change how a breast feels) - I’m hoping it’s just part of recovery (maybe a little internal bruising or something?) but wondered if anyone else had experienced similar?


Sarah xx

Hi Sarah,

Well done for getting this far, so pleased to hear you are feeling well. I think it would be a good for you to call your Breast Cancer nurses, or the nurses on this site who are wonderful and caring, also they are available tomorrow. Just to check all’s well.

Take care, one day at a time brave lady, keep us posted.

Big hugs Tili :rainbow:

Hi Sarah,

I remember I had the same after my lumpectomy in 2019 and it did gradually return to normal after a long time, many months I think.  It was still there when I had radiotherapy and that didn’t make it any worse or better. Just left with the scar now and still faint blue left from the dye. Good idea to check it all out with nurses on this website and/or your own breast care nurse for reassurance/advice. 

Hope radiotherapy goes well for you.



Hi Sarah,

I had both my breasts operated on , and yes mine went very hard then the bruising came out and now back to normal, it dose take a few weeks to your body to adjust but don’t forget you always have your breast cancer nurse on the other end of the phone , but it is normal and also wear a supportive bra to wear and sleep in good luck.


Hi Sarah,

It’s totally normal to get some scar tissue (which can feel hard), plus swelling after surgery, which can take quite awhile to go…(my onc informed me it often takes quite a few months for the swelling to gradually go).

I’ve had 3 lots of breast surgery, once to remove the lump and 2x rounds of reduction on the other side plus radio, now coming up to 7 years after initial diagnosis. 

Do keep doing the exercises post op, and through radio since that also helps keep things moving. Also if you notice any short sharp zap sensations during/after radio my breast care nurse told me it was the nerves healing…a slightly weird but positive sensation!