Breast feels warm inside

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you. I’m Anne and I’m 18 years old. Lately, I kept touched my right breast too much because of worry and it becomes sore few times. I don’t think there is noticeable lump or something and I already ask my mother to feel it and she can’t feel anything. I don’t know if its my anxiety or not but turns out my breast feels a bit warm inside? Or just feels a bit sensitive and weird. But if i touched it with hands the temperature is just normal.

I’m sorry if its sound simple and weird and not serious. But its nice to hear your thoughts abouit this. Is it possible to feel like warm inside breast but normal outside? Once again I’m sorry and thank you so much.


Anne - sorry you have this worry.There are lots of reasons why you could experience changes to your breasts - most of these are not cancer and it would be very unusual at your age .It would be best to get this checked by a doctor in case it is something that needs treatment .You will just carry on worrying if you don’t get some medical advice .Let us know how you get on .Jill