Breast Forms (type of prosthesis)

Hi All,

I came across this amazing little company who make very clever breast forms which are an alternative to the standard breast prosthesis. A young student created this idea after her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, didn’t want reconstruction and also after 13 years still didn’t wear a prosthesis. 

I’ve been on their mailing list for two years and it looks like their little company are finally ready to start making breast forms to sell.

I’m really impressed with what they’ve achieved and how much they care about offering alternative solutions to those of us who don’t go for reconstruction.  I’ve signed up to buy one to try when they become available, so sharing this in case its of interest to anyone else out there who are also always looking for alternatives 

Hi Gillyflower

Thanks for the link. I’d certainly be interested in one for swimming as an alternative to the Aqua Knitted Knocker. My main concern with a prosthesis is its weight (though there IS something a bit creepy about leaving it lying around like a piece of raw chicken!). Unless I’m wearing the ‘real thing,’ my bra swivels towards my remaining breast and I’m constantly hoiking it back into position. It’s not ill-fitting bras - I was properly measured and have Nicola Jane and Amoena bras that feel like fortresses for someone who spent most of her time in a 34A (now D). But they do need to be anchored properly if they are to look natural and point forward and I can’t see this design being any more effective for me than a KK for daily wear.

Personally, I feel more comfortable monoboobed and bra-free and, owing to shielding, have got far too used to it. It rules out wearing stripes (I can live with that) but people’s eyes gravitate to the imbalance and that flicker of discomfort in their faces reduces my confidence to flaunt my body as Nature has now intended. I won’t resort to the dreaded scarves. Certainly I’ll register interest. Thanks x

Thank you for this link - I can’t wait to try one of these.