breast indent - happy ending

Hey ya’ll - first time poster, in the last few weeks, big time lurker. I saw on a post somewhere that it is helpful for people to post positive outcomes, so I thought I would do just that to hopefully make someone that was in my position feel a little bit more hopeful about their situation. ( I was DROWNED in anxiety, and I could have used one of these too.)

I recently, by happenstance, caught a glimpse of the lower part of my breast. I placed a hand mirror on the counter and leaned over to do makeup, when I saw a dent and absolutely freaked out. It is very small, no pain no unusual lumps… just this one little indent. I googled and of course found those articles that everyone sees about the two women who had invasive cancer from a small dimple, and then I spiraled down a google black hole.
I made an appointment with my gynecologist (I am in the US) after a few weeks of anxiety attacks when I finally told my mom about it. I just got back from my appointment and the doctor said that the indent is a combination of fibrocystic breast tissue and my weight loss (around 60 lbs from my heaviest). She also said she could see how my breasts have changed size and position by the stretch marks I have, and despite that one small thing, that everything feels and looks 100% normal. I have my annual visit in March where she said she would recheck for any changes, and if we see any then she will send me for imaging. I may push for it justin case for some peace of mind. I can’t lie, I wish I had pushed for it myself, but I trust this doctor and I believe she would have sent me if she saw it to be necessary. She even had a nurse in the room with her who agreed.

I hope this helps some of you to feel better if you are panicking like I was. I have to adjust to the fact that all of my worrying was for nothing, but I do feel so much better and relieved. Even moreso that she is going to check it again in March just in case.

I hope you are all healthy and well  

Hi @toricomm , many thanks for sharing your story with us! 

You did so well to check things out with a professional for peace of mind.

Sending lots of love and positive energy to you


@toricomm  - that is really great news for you, that there is an innocent explanation for your indent. It’s really thoughtful of you to come back on here and post your positive outcome as that really does help others waiting for test results to read that not every change is bad news.

You should congratulate yourself for being so breast aware and for getting the indent checked out so quickly. Sounds like you have got a great doctor, and good that you also have a follow up in March in case you have any further questions or concerns that may spring to mind.

My very best wishes to you going forward. Evie