Breast indentation but no lump

Hi All,


Not sure if I am completely over reacting, but as a born worrier, I thought I’d join this forum for a bit of reassurance. 

Over the weekend I an indent at the bottom of my right breast when I raise my arms. (it looks normal when they are down) you can also see it when I lean forward.

Went to the doctors today and he said there is no lump, and that it’s not pukering or has an orange peel look so hes not overly worried, but he didint know what it was. He has reffered me to the breast clinic to make sure but the wait is 4-6 weeks. I have been beside myself just over the weekend so how can I cope with 6 weeks!


Could anyone tell me what they will do at the clinic? I’ve never had a scare or have any family history so I’m completely cluless and really worried.


Thanks x


I just wanted to send a quick reply to your message below to say that you have absolutely done the right thing to go to the doctor and to get the indentation checked out.  They always err on the side of caution and it is the usual course of action to send someone presenting with a change to the breast (however small) to get it checked out at the breast clinic.  I thought, however, that there was a 2 week timescale to get an appointment so I’m surprised to have to wait 4-6 weeks.  My understanding is that the Government has set a 2 week deadline so it might be worth raising it with your GP surgery (apologies if I am incorrect with this but I was definitely seen within 2 weeks and was told only in July this year about the 2 week deadline).

I know that it is a worrying time but you have done the right thing and in my experience the breast care teams in the NHS do an amazing job.

Sending hugs and reassurance.

I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through. Can’t imagine how you must feel. Hope your treatment is going well?
It’s so good of you to take the time to reassure others at the start of this horrible process.
Going to stay positive and keep busy, with two young children it shouldn’t be too difficult!
Thanks again xxx



just wondering how the original poster is?


I am in exactly the same position as you.


I have today booked a private appointment and have my follow up appointment on Monday.  I’ve Been trying to keep busy since I found the dent last week, (like you I just raised my arms and saw 1 indent) but now with the children back in school, I’ve too much time on my hands at home and I’ve have spent the last 24 hours full of worry.


front on it looks completely normal,  there is no lump (he said my breasts are lumpy - but I’ve never felt anyone else’s so to me they feel normal) 


we have health cover yet my GP assured me that i wouldn’t need to use it, but I rang today & got the number for the hospital and rang the clinic directly and I was told my referral only arrived today &  to expect an appointment within the next 2 weeks, so I made the call. 


I hope you are ok & have some support, I know how hard it is and just wanted to send you a hug, 

Can i ask how you both got on…i hope it was good am going through the exact same ive had the dent a year but now om getting pain and my anxiety is through the roof.i 2 have 2 small children and have to stop myself crying in front of them.i have an appt in a fortnight but wondered how you had got on.thankyou x

Hi, I’m in the same boat. I found a indentation in my right breast 3 weeks ago when tying up my hair, went to the doctors a week later and have my appointment on Tuesday. I’m worried sick! I always look at best sinerio bit struggling! X

Dellisa81 please try not to worry, i went through extreme anxiety and even planned how i would tell people the worst. I was on the internet constantly and always only read horrible things. But to reassure you i have been twice now and had an ultrasound on the indent, they have put it down to natural breast changes and change in breast tissue. I was told although the indents can be a sign of cancer they are almost always just because of as they put it our breasts are being held up with ligaments and sometimes a ligament stretches and is faulty and causes the indent.ive had mine 2 years now and although im constantly aware of it be reassured they can be nothing. I think the media as good as it is is highlighting the indents so much at tge minute but people dont always highlight when its not cancer. All the best for your appt let us know how you get on xx

I also found an indent …the key thing I noticed was my breast looked a little smaller and nipple was higher up I lifted my arm and there it was …went on the good old Google and it came up cancer…made appt at docs on the 18th October went to breast clinic short of 2 weeks fast forward to November when I was told it was cancer had lumpectomy and down sentinel node biopsy and reconstruction…tomorrow I finish my course of radiotherapy…hope everything’s ok for you but rest assured if not you’ll be fine…I posted on this exactly thread and glad I did.

Hope everything went well for you today x