Breast indentation - good news

Hello all!

I’ve been lurking here for a couple of weeks while I waited to have an ultrasound on my right breast after finding a slight indentation in that breast. My doctor was concerned and referred me for further testing. I had my ultrasound this afternoon and all is well!


I have scared myself silly over the past few weeks. All the information I could find on breast indentations was pretty scary. I’ve realised that when people get good news they go back to ther lives and don’t necessarily post about their experiences. I thought I’d post my good news in case it is helpful to someone else out there who is worried sick. It might help to know that not all breast indentations are cancer. Of course it’s best toget every symptom checked - just in case - but until you know for sure try not to get yourself in a state (like I did!) I’m so glad I got myself checked out because now I can stop fretting.


Sending much love to all of you who are currently waiting on results and also to all of you who are living with breast cancer.  Lisa x

Thanks so much for posting, Writer Girl, it’s so reassuring for others & does highlight that mostly all turns out to be well.
ann x

You are so right about people not updating with good news, i hope in a few weeks time thats exactly what i will be doing.
So pleased all is well

Hi writer girl,
Thanks for your input. I dont mean to pry and of course you don’t need to say, but what caused the indent? Im currently awaiting a referral after having antibiotics for a week for breast infection, left with 2 lumps and indent lower left breast. No cause for infection hence referral. Everything ive read on indent points to ‘C’, i will be referred tomorrow as i have Dr and tabs are finished. She said fast track, so will be another week of in sane waiting. Im glad yours was nothing sinister, its great to hear something positive x

Thanks lisa (writer girl)
Referral sent just waiting for date for clinic
Hopefully all will be ok