Breast indentation that comes and goes.

On Wednesday, I found a large indentation in the underside of my left breast. I could see and feel it clearly. I’ve probably done an average amount of panicking and trying to be sensible, I’ve got an appointment to see my GP next week.


The thing is, this morning the dent is almost completely gone. I can just about make out where it was, but it’s much shallower and less defined. I think it’s likely that tomorrow it could be gone completely. Should I still go to the GP? Or should I wait and see if it comes back? I had a scare with a lump in my other breast a few years ago so I’m comfortable with the procedures, I just don’t want to waste anyones time with a disappearing dent!


Thanks in advance

Hi,don’t worry about wasting anyone’s time ,it’s very probably nothing but you should get it checked out to give you peace of mind. Something was going on in your boob to create dent in first place ,go and get it checked then you can stop worrying .Jill.

Have a nice day