Breast Infection

Hi Ladies
Haven’t been on for a few days cos I have been knocked sideways by a huge infection in my dodgy boob. It came on very suddenly Thursday morning, got up at 4.30am to use the loo and was absolutely fine, woke up with alarm at 7.00am and thought I had slept heavily with my arm above my head cos it was really stiff so took some ibuprofen and stayed in bed for a bit thinking it would settle. Got up about 9.00am and had a shower, when I got out boob was very red with rash creeping up towards my neck. Decided to go to docs, got a cancellation at 10.15am [miracles do happen!], felt Ok when I got there, by the time I was called in 20 minutes later could barely get out of my seat. Had a temperature, ached from head to foot, shaking with cold. Doc gave me 2 types of antibiotics and sent me home to bed which is where I have been ever since.

The rash has now snaked round my back and all the way down my arm and is very painful although my arm hasn’t swollen so don’t think I have a lymphodema brewing. I rang my BCN yesterday and they are going to see me at their clinic on Thursday to check all is Ok but just wondered if anyone else has had this happen. Its the second one I’ve had in 6 weeks although the 1st one was very mild and went quickly. This time I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.


Not had anything like that but wanted to send my best wishes and hope you feel better soon,rest all you can and take care.



Sorry to hear about your problems but I am concerned that the rash is spreading. I really think you should ring the doc now and them about the spreading rash. Sorry to sound like your mother, but I am always cautious about infections with rashes. Do you still feel shaky and feverish or has this worn off now and do you think the antibiotics have made any difference?

Sorry to be such a pain!


Hi Cathy

The rash hasn’t spread any further since yesterday and the feverishness has settled but it is very painful, like a deep stabby pain and it is as red as a traffic light. BCN wants me to go back to docs Monday if its still there so will do. Have been mindful of meningitis but not had anything like light aversion and rash isn’t spotty its solid. Joint pains have settled in back, knees and ankles but ribs and shoulder on right side still sore. i think the sntibiotics are starting to work but very slowly.



Thats good that its settled. I wasnt thinking so much meningitis as straightforward septicaemia. I Sounds like just a very bad infection which is now thankfully responding to ABs. Just keep an eye on it - you may not necessarily get light aversion but if fever gets worse or start being sick definitely do something!! Had me worried there for a while!


AJ - sorry to hear that you have contracted what sounds like a pretty nasty infection. Glad to hear that it seems to be settling down but Like Cathy says it could be quite nasty - obviously your local A&E is probably not the place you want to be on a Saturday night but I would urge you to got it checked out again before Monday. Keep an eye on your temp and if you start to feel worse don’t hesitate to go to either the A&E dept or the out of hours - I was given anti-biotics for an infection a couple of weeks post-op and told in no uncertain terms that if it got worse I would need to be admitted for IV anti-biotics - you can’t mess about with infections like these.

Sorry to sound so negative but please err on the side of caution.

Hi AJ - really sory to hear of your plight and hope you feel better soon.

I agree with the others - if you are not improving then you have to go to A&E.

Hopefully this won’t be necessary and going to bed with your anti-biotics will give your body a good chance of fighting back.

Funny (harldy!!!) how we all seem to be susceptible to different problems. Mine is the blooming neutrofils, yours is infections … thank goodness no sign of lymphoedema … I have this awful suspicion that I have this … going to the doctor on Monday … am more depressed about that than BC if that makes any sense.

Hope you feel better soon - hope you’ve got a cat - they are great at keeping you company at times like this - they know and come and snuggle in … maybe that should be on the chemo shopping list - a kitten or rescue cat ??
lots of love FB xxx

I had IV antibiotics for a week for something similar and was in hospital.


Any further progress AJ?

If it is still travelling please please please get yourself to the hospital today.

Hi Lilacblushes

I am feeling brighter today, there was a bit of spread last night so spoke to on call docs but cos I was improving on other fronts it was decided this was ok. last nights new areas have gone this morning so that is good, will go to GP tomorrow just to check the rash is heading in the right direction as it is very very itchy and sore but feeling a bit better so i think things are going the right way thank goodness. I cant believe how quick it was and how rough I felt, infections are scary things sometimes especially when we aren’t at the top of our game so dont fight them off so quickly. Thanks for your concern, its nice to know people are there to ask isn’t it.


Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit brighter and that the infection seems to being beaten. Make sure you see your GP tomorrow tho.

OMW AJ, I am bowled over, I had wondered where you were.

I can only repeat everything already said on here and get back to the Dr’s asap.

I hope you kick this soon.

Love and hugs


Just to say how sorry I am you developed infection and hope it soon responds to anti biotics. Although I have not had infection my wound has still not fully healed 4 months later. So I can sympathise.
I was told and have heard from others that infections are common. Apparently we have developed resistance to the antibiotics they give you during the operation.
Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Starfish x

Thanks everyone for your good wishes, its like getting lots of Get Well Soon cards.

I am definately feeling much brighter this morning although still not much energy, am going back to the docs to check the rash is going the right way and also to ask if there there may be an underlying reason for being hit so hard by it, maybe just overdoing it and abit run down. I just dont want anything to happen before or on my holiday next month.

I am also trying to ward off the inevitable bout of thrush that the AB’s always seem to cause. GP recommended Yakult [I didn’t realise it was named after how it tastes] so am giving that a go but have got creams etc just in case.

Right I had better start the Monday morning fight for an appt.

Thanks again

Thanks for the warning about the taste and name being the same AJ! I will give it a wide berth I think, along with sprouts, cabbage and all the other horrible but healthy shit that ppl say I should consider!