Breast infection

I finished my Radiotherapy just over 2 years ago following WLE and SNB. I’m taking Anastrozole. Yesterday I woke up to find my breast is bright red and the skin sore in one area. I saw my GP today and he’s put me on 7 days of antibiotics for an infection. I’m really worried about it! Is it back?? Has anyone else had this problem so long after surgery and rads? Thanks 


No wonder you’re worried! 

Why don’t you ring your Breast Care Nurse for advice! 

She might suggest you go and see her! 



Hello Soobee. I had two infections going through treatment. One after surgery from the drain tube and the second, just like you, two weeks after radiotherapy. My breast was very pink and hot to touch and I was prescribed antibiotics to clear it up. Try to “air” your breast as much as possible as this should help. Like someone else suggested I would try ringing the nurses this morning. The infection cleared up pretty quickly after taking antibiotics. Regards. Michele

Please consult the doctor.

Yes I have had it twice mine was breast cellulitis I was put on a stronger anti biotic beginning with a C in the end as the antibiotics weren’t were not working. Hope this helps . I had bc in2017