Breast inflammation

After having a mammogram and ultra sound I have been advised that my symptoms are an infection and the inflammation and lump should subside with a course of antibiotics. I have now been taking them for 3 days and the symptoms have not yet improved. Infant I have discovered a further lump and I am still getting aching and a feeling of heaviness. My nipple is still sore and scaly and has a green discharge which I have had for over a year! I am 58 and my mother had breast cancer and died at 63. My husband is celebrating as he thinks I am all clear. I was told to go back in 2 weeks. I am not sure that this course of tablets is going to work! Has anyone else experienced this?

HI there, 

It could be that the antibiotics have not yet started to work properly yet or they may not even suit you. Not all medication types works for everyone. For peace of mind I would go back to your GP and insist on further investigations, especially as you have found another lump. Phone today and insist on an immediate appointment. If you tell them about the second lump you should get seen straight away.

Sylvia x