breast injury leads to cancer?

i just cannot get it out of my head that my lump is exactly where i rest my hot cup of morning tea on my breast, every single morning for years.Thats how i found it, i spilt the tea one day, brushed it off and oops! whats that? I saw on another post that some other people had cancer in an area that had been damaged. One lady said it was exactly where her underwire bra rubbed for years.

I did find the artical below on the internet. Am i just grasping at straws like every one that wonders why?? Whatever, my morning tea is now firmly on the bedside table.

As has been discussed the cells that divide most are sometimes prone to cancer, but if it were based just on replication the skin cancers that aren’t related to UV radiation, stomach cancer, and hair cancer would be the most common (this is why the skin hair and stomach are most affected by chemo, they reproduce the most). That being said, damage does seem to be indicative of cancer risk. As someone else pointed out ulcerative colitis which is the destruction of the lining of the gut increases the risk of bowel cancer, not having children increases the risk of ovarian cancer we think for the same reason. Every time a female ovulates you stimulate several cells to grow and then burst, this repeated stimulation it is thought leads to activation of proto-oncogenes (genes that can become cancer genes if they gain unregulated status) eventually leading to a mutation. This idea of destruction and the induction of repair mechanisms may also help contribute to the rate of tobacco related cancers since along with being carcinogenic most tobacco products are either taken extraordinarily heated (smoking) or by physically damaging the epithelium (chew and dip).

Does cutting your arm lead to cancer? No, unless you have amazingly unstable DNA. But if you do something to damage your body in the same location hundreds of times, like someone with celiac disease who eats wheat thins everymorning is putting themselves at risk, because every time they damage their body they must repair it. Since cancer is just uncontrolled cell expansion, and the repair mechanism is only 2 mutations from that it makes sense that the more you ask your body to do it, the more likely you are to make a mistake (this seems like a because I said so statement, but mistakes are a probability thing, and the more chances you take the more chances you have to make a mistake).

About 9 or 10 years ago I went on holiday to Crete and whilst I was there got a spot underneath my arm after shaving,I think that although I was very careful I did carry on using deodorant. It was a bit sore for a few days. anyway 2 years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer on that side and the tumour was on that side near the armpit.

I often wonder if this was the start of it.


OaL, is resting a cup of tea on a Boob an “injury” though?
Research - inspired by ambulance-chasing cases following injuries at work, refutes injuries causing cancers. As they say, “War-wounded persons, boxers and railroad accident victims have no higher incidence of cancer than other groups”.,9171,894980,00.html
This one suggests that the tumour could have been there all the time and an injury could have irritated it.
Through history, people have wondered about “Why Me?” and attributed it to lots of things.

It’s been extensively researched. Everyone knocks their boob at some point etc etc so I’m sure that if you ask, every single person on here could have knocked a bap but so does everyone else. It has always happened.
The incidence of BC is rising. More folk are not banging their baps than 20-40 years ago. In fact, with the reduction in manual labour due to the decline of extraction and manufacturing industries, it could be argued that those who have transferred over into service industries suffer less physical trauma these days.

well its hot, and a pint mug so quite heavy–he did say smoking was heat ralated–who knows. But it is exactly the same spot.

but then there are conincidences everywhere, that one about a room full of people and two will have the same birthday or something

I’ve heard this theory too, OAL, but I reckon it’s a myth, for the same reasons as Ninja. About 10 months before I was diagnosed, I was in a wave pool on holiday. A man standing next to me was knocked off his feet and his head banged right into my boob which was very painful for a long time afterwards. But looking back, I remember I had been experiencing pain on and off on that side for some time before that - I just hadn’t connected it with my breast but thought it was a pulled muscle in my chest. So I reckon I’d already had cancer for a while, just didn’t realise it.

Lilac x

lol Ninja, the comment about banging the baps really made me laugh. But i have been thinking since my diagnosis that i have often i the past had small lumps which come & go under the affected armpit. Was this connected or just coincidence. Probably never know but it does get u thinking. x

I must have cancer of the arse cheeks, sat here on this laptop all day…

cancer of the arse cheeks — I love this site, there is always something that makes me laugh

in old neighbour of mine some years ago, was moving a wardrobe, and it toppled hitting her boob… a few months later she developes bc in that breast. could be a coincidence , or it could of been the bump that triggered it off… either way… she is still here today and im going back when my daughter was a toddler… shes 32 now , ps cancer of the arse cheeks, haha nearly fell off the sofa laughing bless ya xx

Oh Elttiks! I nearly spat my coffee out when I read your comment!

Nice one!

DaisyGirl xx

Angie - the research I linked to tends to suggest that the cancer could always have been there, chugging along slowly and the bump could have made it make itself more known.

The small lumps under the armpit - doesn’t everyone get those? They are in the epidermis. Cancer (except melanoma) isn’t.
Devil’s advocaat: do all teenagers who have bad acne go on to develop face cancer?

Yeah, cancer of the are cheeks - “coffee - meet keyboard”

yes your spot on ninja. she may of had it well before the wardrobe incident, but the bang made her feel it more closeley, and then she discovered the lump she could well of had it months before

i had a private breast reduction 18 months ago,when i was told my dx, i said how long has it been there, and the amswer was prob up to 18months !!! my friend and i just looked at each other.


I love your sense of humour- nearly made me fall off my chair laughing!

I think all of us on these Forums must be brewing that cancer then!

I feel this is all a myth too bit like the “I sat too near my TV with my underwire bra” I was punched accidently real hard in my left breast about 10 years ago SO WHY is my tumor in my right breast ? & left one clear (Please may that remain to be)

I think when we get diagnosed we want answers as to WHY we got it so will grip at anything to try & justify it ! I too have had one of those annoying hair absess under my right arm from shaving & when I went for a mammo 2 years ago the consultant was not concerned about it. I brought this up before my surgery as it still flares up now & then & I asked him to remove it if he thought it had anything to do with the BC I was assured it didn’t & they left it well alone

I personally think there is alot of factors that trigger any cancer not just one. as ive said in other posts alot of it is down to the immune system not doing its job & lack of NK cell activity. If BC or any cancer for that matter was to do with impact of any sort the athletes, footballers, rugby players boxers etc ect would be riddled

There was a thread on here last year initiated by a ridiculous article in the Daily Mail (where else would it be?!) that claimed that the risk of breast cancer is double for women who wear yellow wellies. Gave everyone a great laugh!
Sarah x

Hi Sarah yeah I read through that thread & it too reminded me of this its in my saved threads I’ll bump it up some of the theories are just so laughable


I had recurrent infective mastitis in my left boob when breast feeding my first daughter and low and behold i ended up with cancer being diagnosed in that breast after my second child (12mts later). Often wonder as being 32 with no family history it seemed very strange.


In my case, I believe breast injury may well have been a factor. A couple of months before I was dx, I was up mega early with my baby and I banged my boob really hard on the sharp corner of our plasma tv (I was leaning round it to switch the plug on but was sleepy so mis-judged my lean!). Anyway, it really bloody hurt and it was really red and I remember thinking to myself, ‘god I hope that doesnt cause bc…’. I was dx a few months later and the tumoutr was exactly in the same spot- I checked by looking at the height of the corner of the tv on my boob. The cancer was very fast growing grade 3 tnbc, and surgeon agreed it could have appeared within a month or so. I had been using bio oil quite regularly on my boobs since having the baby and Im sure I would have felt it sooner if it was there.
I also met another young tnbs lady who told me just a few months before her dx, she was on a night out and a yob threw a supersize macdonalds coke at her from a moving car, and it hit her in the chest so hard she was knocked over. the tumour was in the same place she had been bruised and sore for several weeks following that incident.
I knwo we all have minor knocks and bangs but I think there could be something in it when the breast injury is more serious…
Tina x

My chest and left boob got trampled on by a horse nearly three years ago. My tumour was in left breast - lobular grade 3, 5.5cm. I wondered if there was any link.