Breast lift on good side to gain symmetry. Yes or No?

I had a LD reconstruction last June and am going in to get a nipple reconstruction and dog ear removal in about 4 weeks. While the size and shape of my reconstructed breast is really very good…it seems very pert compared to the somewhat droopy right breast that had 3 children suckling from it for a good few years.

I have the option of a lift to make them more symmetrical…so the dilemma…mess around with a perfectly good breast or not?

I don’t want to risk losing nipple sensitivity and I certainly don’t want scarring unless its hidden blow the breast but i’m not sure that is an option with a lift…I don’t scar well! And obviously any surgery comes with risks.

Anybody out there have any experience of this? I have looked all over these forums and cant find any mention of it.

Thanks for any feedback.

Hi Mandy

On my BC breast (right) i had a lumpectomy taking away over a third of my breast, i was about a f/g cup, the bc breast went down to a small c/d cup so i asked to have a reduction on my good side. I only finished my Rads at the end of May 09 but went ahead with the reduction in early Aug 09. I opted to have side scar on the good side, as my bc side is a side scar going into my armpit. I am pretty pleased with the result, my surgoen re attached my nipple ( on both sides) and i have started to have proper sensation in the good side this month and my nipple has started to react to being cold etc :slight_smile: Strangly my right side,(BC side) is a lot firmer and pert because of the radiotherapy apparently and looks like a younng pert boob. it is so great to wear a bra that fits both side and i realise i am very fortunate to be able to…

Hope that helps , if you want to know anymore just ask or PM me if you’d rather

Rhian xxxxxx

Hi again i would most prob have gone for a scar underneath with hindsight but thought at the time it was best to do the same each side for symmetary, I know a friend who had a reduction ( nothing to do with BC) and she has both scars underneath and you really can’t see anything. one last thing the scaring around my nipple healed and faded quicker that the boob tissue scar, though i do a rub cream i get from a woman who makes soaps and creams from natural products into both sides every single day and always after a bath or shower

rhian xx

I rarely post on this site but find it very helpful with questions & queries!
I had a mastectomy with immediate LD reconstruction in August 08 & all went very well. I found, though, that my other breast looked even more droopy beside the pert false one. So when the surgeon took out the tissue expander in my reconstructed breast to put in my silicone he also did a mastepexy!This was in October 2009. I have a scar under the breast & around the nipple but have normal sensation & it matches the other one much better!

I have always wanted smaller breasts & it is slightly smaller than the recon - but that is more noticable to me because my recon used to be the smallest - so I’ve swapped sides.

I see the second op as a sort of perk(!) & it was very easy & straight forward - just an overnight stay & back to work within the month.
Hope this helps!

Hi, i had LD recon in Aug and reduction and uplife on good one in November. I am reasonably happy with the results but I did not have an implant in my good side and it still droops lower then the recon side. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to my surgeon about this and he fully supported me in a request to make the good side more fuller. I am back to see him for a date next week and he is going to put an implant in the good side for better match. I am very happy about this, I would have been quite prepared to live with slightly uneven boobs (I had in fact lived with just 1 for the previous year!) but why should I when something can be done. Im only 37 and have got a few more years of bikini wearning on holidays yet!

My only regret is that I didnt push for implant in good side from the start, as it did cross my mind at the time that they may not be the same. PS I have not lost sensation in the good side and scaring is underneath and not visible.

Hope this helps
Good luck.

Well, I have to say all this feedback seems quite positive! I too see it as a bit of a perk to get the lift and then ask myself is it worth the risk. In clothes with a decent bra they do look fine…so i guess this is mainly for me and the hubby although he says hes fine with the way they are.

One common thread that seems to run through all these comments is the end result is slightly smaller. I’m only a B cup (bordering a c!) so I don’t want it any smaller, also the size match at the moment is good so if it is any smaller they will be mismatched.

Hmm…still not sure. Anyone out there had any bad results I should be warned of?