breast light

hi im jude im 35 and a brca1 carrier i had a preventive oopherectomy last year and considing double masectomy
while im waiting to decide what im doing i bought a breast light
has anybody seen this fantastic piece of equipment
its the size and shape of a small torch and it works in the dark and it completely highlights the whole inside of the breast and you can see all the veins and anything sinister that shouldnt be there
its amazing you wont believe it till you see it
my breast consultant was so impressed at the hosp that he ordered some
it was 100pound and featured on the this morning programme 6 months ago
you use it under your arms aswell

I have seen a video of these in use and it is amazing how they show the inside of the whole breast and I have been tempted to buy one - I think the latest price is about £89. I suppose several people could buy one between them and share it. Good on your Consultant for buying them, I think some medical people are very slow to recognise new innovations.

thats a good idea to share it all my friends use mine and my mother in law
i cant rate it enough its a god send to have peace of mind im lucky it aint got me yet so until i have my double masectomy its great to see the inside of my breasts and armpit im tiny a size a but my mother in law is huge and it works exactley the same

Hi all,

When the subject of breastlights came up again I passed this on to our nursing team and asked for their comments as this topic has been discussed earlier this year. The following is the nurse response:


I wanted to come in here and give you some information about the Breastlight. Currently, there is no proof or sufficient clinical evidence that the Breastlight product results in earlier detection of breast cancer, increases survival or is any more helpful than the normal practice of being breast aware.

At Breast Cancer Care, we speak to people with breast cancer and breast cancer concerns every day and we know that self check devices may only serve to worry people, often unnecessarily.

Breast Cancer Care advocates being breast aware alongside the Department of Health, Royal College of Nursing, other UK breast cancer charities and other UK health bodies.

As you know, the breast awareness five point code encourages women to know what is normal for them and to report any changes, not just lumps, to their GPs.

If you have any personal concerns about your health, please do see your GP or if you just want to talk things through with someone please do call our freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000

Kind regards,

Information Nurse