Breast lipofilling

I have been offered Breast lipofilling to fill the “dent” left by my lumpectomy 3 years ago.  Has anyone had this proceedure and was it succesful?

Bringing this to the top for Savvykim

Jo, Moderator

Hi Savvykim, It definitely helps the shape but sometimes your body absorbs the fat and it can need more than one go. I had it done, and it really made a difference. Depending where they take the fat from - you can suffer from horrific bruises but after a week you’ll forget all about it. Good luck K M x

Has anyone had recent lipofill? I had lipofill 3 days ago, had fat taken from stomach and put into boob following WLE 3 years ago  I wasn’t expecting this much pain in my stomach, and it’s so swollen and hard - I know it’s early days but just wondered how long it would take for swelling to go down in my stomach? 

Hi, I’m having my first lipofill in a three weeks. I had a bilateral DIEP in January but as I had had several lots of surgery before this I had a lot of scarring and the tissue was quite fragile. I had known that I would need a number of tweaks including lipofillings over the next years. I wondered how long the GA is and how long it takes to be " back to normal". Is regular paracetamol enough to control the pain?